SA Employment Tribunal Hearing Report - PSA Wins More Time And More Information For Land Services Staff

16 August 2017

As you know, the PSA lodged a dispute which was heard today in a voluntary conference at 11:00am, in the South Australian Employment Tribunal.

The process, up to this stage, including the sudden announcement made last Thursday has left so many unanswered questions and vague commitments. Taking a dispute to the Tribunal has allowed these issues to be raised in a more formal way and get the answers you need.

This morning Commissioner McMahon heard from both parties. The PSA raised your concerns that staff need to have all the information about all future employment options before any process is commenced.

The PSA was pleased that the Commissioner made recommendations that will enable you to have far more information and slowed down the process giving us more time to focus on achieving the best outcome for members.

We understand that staff have already been informed that the timeline for employment offers from Land Services SA has been delayed until the end of August.

The Commissioner has recommended the PSA be sent the conditions of employment that Land Services SA would be offering by 5:00pm Friday 18 August.

Over the next week, the department will be providing the PSA information in relation to any unanswered questions and issues and proposals including the actual numbers of staff affected.

On Friday 25 August 2017 PSA will meet with the Commissioner again to report back and to examine the key issues that still may be unclear or in dispute.

At this stage, everything should be on hold until this meeting occurs. Please let your reps and/or your organiser know if this is not the case.

Now is the time to join the PSA
We can only represent PSA members in the future process and the more people who are members of the PSA, the better we can represent your interests to the Government and also the potential new employer.