SA Employment Tribunal Conciliation Conference | SOP 90 Management of Prisoners at Risk of Suicide or Self-harm

27 March 2019

The PSA attended a further conciliation conference in the South Australian Employment Tribunal (SAET) in relation to the SOP 90 “Management of Prisoners at Risk of Suicide or Self-harm” dispute.

The PSA was represented by PSA Worksite Representatives from the AWP, PAP, YLP and the ARC. Two Senior Industrial Officers from the PSA were also in attendance.

The PSA provided the SAET our response to the DCS proposal to allocate dedicated officer/s from existing resources to perform the role of responsible officer for SOP 90 observations when required.

The PSA detailed issues arising from the DCS proposal to close down other functions to free officers to conduct CCTV observations, physical observations and Log Book recording. The PSA reiterated our previous statement that this would be difficult to achieve within existing resources at the sites.

Following considerable discussion the following was determined:

  •  “DCS to respond to the PSA in writing by Thursday 28 March 2019 regarding issues raised including: modifying duty statements where required, adequate provision for emergency responders, maximum number of prisoners to be displayed on a CCTV screen, maximum number of prisoners one officer can effectively observe, provision for meal break relief, rotation of CCTV dedicated duties during a shift, flow on effect of duties not preformed due to reallocation of officers to SOP 90 duties and any effect on Women’s Offender Framework at AWP.
  •  A trial of the DCS proposal to commence on Monday 8 April 2019.
  •  Parties to report back to the SAET on 7 May 2019.”

The PSA and PSA Worksite Representatives will collate issues arising during the trial for further discussion at the SAET on 7 May 2019.