Return to Work SA - Enterprise Agreement Offer

13 April 2018

Over the past several months the Public Service Association (PSA) has been negotiating a new Enterprise Agreement on behalf of PSA members at ReturntoWork SA (RTWSA).

A number of claim items have been the subject of negotiations, including salary increases.

ReturntoWork SA has written to the PSA advising of its without prejudice offer to employees.

The Enterprise Agreement offer includes salary increases over the next three years as follows:

  •  Salary increases for the first two years of $1,500 per annum for employees earning up to and including $75,000 per annum and $1,800 or 1.5% whichever is the greater for employees earning in excess of $75,000 per annum
  •  Salary increase of 1.5% for all employees in the third year

These salary increases are comparable to the SA Government Public Sector increases for the first two years. The term of the RTWSA agreement will be three years.

New or improved clauses were also negotiated on a number of items including flexible working hours; higher duties provisions; clarification on the ongoing appointment of contracted employees; and allowances will be reviewed every year in accordance with the annual increases determined by the SA Employment Tribunal.

RTWSA advised at the last enterprise bargaining meeting that the complete offer document will be posted on the RTWSA internal IT system. Further notes explaining the offer such as a frequently asked questions document should also be available.

The PSA recommends that members consider the offer.

RTWSA has also advised that it intends to put the offer to ballot commencing 1 May 2018. The PSA encourages members to vote as it is the majority of the votes returned that determines the outcome of the ballot.

The PSA encourages any employees who are not yet members to join the PSA. Please visit the PSA Website (here) to join. We are working for you to achieve these outcomes.