Restructure Update - Dispute Notified - SA Tourism Commission

04 May 2016

Following the recent restructure announcement at the South Australian Tourism Commission (SATC), the PSA has written to SATC detailing our concerns at the current process, and notifying a dispute.


SATC members will be aware that the restructure announcement detailed potential reductions in positions; the creation of new roles and job descriptions; and the potential for positions to be declared excess. Any of these alone would be significant, but all together they have created real uncertainty and real pressures for all SATC staff.


The PSA has been especially concerned that the approach by SATC management not only gives the impression that the proposed changes are effectively predetermined but that the individual approach to members has been handled completely against the spirit and wording of your industrial agreements.


As a result the PSA has written to SATC management seeking that genuine consultation be undertaken and that until this takes place for the current process to be halted. Should confirmation not be forthcoming the PSA intends referring the matter to the Industrial Relations Commission.



The PSA will keep members updated with information. If you have any concerns please bring them to the attention of the PSA via the PSA Hotline.