Response to Port Adelaide Relocation Letter and Proposals for Change to Strategic Procurement and Policy, Governance and Standards

16 November 2018

PSA members drafted a letter to management seeking information and proposing options to mitigate some of the impacts on you of the proposed move to Port Adelaide.

Management has now responded to the issues raised in the member letter.

Proposals for change to strategic procurement and policy, governance and standards
The proposals to restructure Strategic Procurement and Policy, Governance and Standards affect a considerable number of members and are being dealt with separately. The PSA received a letter outlining the changes and members have forwarded the materials that were part of presentations to staff. The consultation period for these proposals has been extended to 30 November 2018.

Further information has been sought by the PSA as the information provided so far has been limited. The PSA has asked:

  •  What other options have been considered and why were they rejected?
  •  What is the estimated savings from these proposals? Please provide a breakdown of that information with savings for the lost of the CPO position, loss of the specified tasks and any other savings.
  •  The proposal includes some tasks to go to Crown Solicitor's Office and DPC. Have these agencies been consulted? If so, what has been their feedback and your response to that feedback? If there has not been consultation with them, when will this occur and how will the PSA be involved?
  •  Some rumours suggest that staff who are ultimately redeployees will be required to move to Port Adelaide. Is this correct? Is it necessary in all instances? How will they be supported from out there to seek other roles in the public service? What meaningful work will they be required to do given their roles will have been declared excess?
  •  The proposed loss of 19 FTE from ICT Procurement (9) and Good and Services Procurement (10) is part of the advice you have given PSA. The presentations indicate Policy, Governance and Standards will also lose staff. The presentation material shows 7.2 FTE remaining in the proposed structure while in the current structure that group has 16.5 FTE.

Members are encouraged to consider further information you may seek to help you make decisions about your future. Members are also encouraged to talk to the PSA about pursuing outcomes where management has either called for your input or is resistant to consider your issues and solutions.