Renewal SA COVID-19 Update

08 April 2020

Since commencing work from home arrangements members have contacted the Public Service Association (PSA) to clarify various workplace rights and entitlements.

One such right which has been raised is in relation to flexitime. A communication sent out by Renewal SA advised that staff are unable to accumulate flexitime when working from home. The PSA contacted Renewal SA to seek clarification around this matter as industrially this is not correct.

Renewal SA advised that this was a request, not a directive, and it is reflective of the reduction in workload which a number of staff have experienced as a result of the changed working environment due to COVID-19 and the significant impacts this is having on project work.

It is correct to say that flexitime can only be accrued when there is meaningful work for the staff member to engage in and so if staff are experiencing a reduction in work this request may be reasonable. Where staff have not experienced a reduction in workload it is not reasonable to remove the entitlement to flexible working arrangements and it is certainly not acceptable to require staff to work additional hours and not have them reflected on their time sheet.

Where members have concerns about their working hours at this time they are encouraged in the first instance to discuss this matter with their manager. If they still have concerns they can contact our Members’ Rights Hotline on 8205 3227 for further advice.