Regional Members to get more support

10 January 2017

As a result of extensive PSA consultation with members during 2016 and with the launch of the EB Ambassadors for the forthcoming Enterprise Bargaining negotiations, the PSA has appointed a Regional Coordinator to ensure the voice and strength of our regional members is heard.

With enterprise bargaining being the major issue in 2017 and the Government stating they want to cap salary increases to 1.5%, the PSA is seeking to mobilise members in preparation for these hard negotiations.

EB Ambassadors will play a vital role in this process. Having a voice and being part of the process is going to be vital for all of our regional members. If you wish to become an EB Ambassador please register your interest via the following link,

Alan Wheeldon will undertake the role of PSA Regional Coordinator from January 2017 and will develop a regular schedule of visits to all regional areas through the year.

The Regional Coordinator will be supporting regional members, ensuring EB Ambassadors in the regions are fully involved in the EB process and empowering all PSA members.

Alan is looking forward to meeting with our regional members throughout the coming year. If you have any questions please contact the PSA.