Realignment of ODPP Teams in the Solicitors’ Section

07 November 2018

The Director of Public Prosecutions has invited the Public Service Association (PSA) to provide feedback about proposed changes to general solicitor teams. The proposal is to reduce the current five teams to four. Advice from the Director is that consultation will be open until 16 November 2018.

The proposal suggests some of the rationale is due to budget impacts, as well as reforms to legislation and other factors. It also indicates potential additional workload for members through allocation of more files.

A copy of the letter and proposals can be found here.

Any proposal for change must consider workloads according to clause 15.2 of the South Australian Modern Public Service Enterprise Agreement: Salaried 2017.

15.1 The parties acknowledge that the workload for individual employees or a group of
employees in a workplace (work group) must not be excessive, unreasonable or

15.2 Any proposed review or proposed workplace change must include as part of consultation,
an assessment of the potential impact on workloads for individual employees or a work
group in a workplace and measures proposed to manage such impacts. The intent of
managing impacts must be to minimise the risk of unreasonable workloads.

Your PSA Worksite Representative (WSR) Gary Phillips and PSA Organiser, Keiran Macfarlane are already working on issues of excessive working hours resulting from significant workloads and expectations of staff.

A workplace meeting will be arranged to discuss the proposals and notification will come for that when it is scheduled.