Re-ballot of Draft Assistants to MPs Enterprise Agreement 2019

20 June 2019

At the Enterprise Bargaining Committee meeting held on Friday 14 June 2019 it was agreed that the same draft Enterprise Agreement (EA) will be sent to employees for them to vote on once again.

PSA members had advised the PSA that they were in favour of a re-ballot.

The government representatives agreed to the PSA request that if a "YES" vote was successful, the previously stipulated operative date for the pay increase of the pay period commencing 25 May 2019 will apply.

A re-ballot was agreed to because of an "administrative error" in that the envelopes in which the returned ballots were posted did not state on the back that they had to be signed for the vote to be counted.

This resulted in 47 envelopes not being opened. It is not known how that would have influenced the ballot results.

As it was of the opened valid votes, there was a majority of 2 "No" votes. All agreed that it was unsafe to make a decision because of the number of unopened ballots. This time the ballot will be conducted by the state electoral office.

For further information please refer to the previous PSA Updates to members regarding the EB offers, process and results.