30 January 2019

Dear Member

Will you join me and PSA members working in Service SA centres this Saturday morning?

We will be supporting members of the North East Residents Action Group at 10:30am on the steps of Parliament House as they rally to stop the closure of Service SA centres at Modbury, Mitcham and Prospect.

The PSA has received more than one hundred messages from local community members outraged at the state government's ill-thought decision to close three of the busiest Service SA centres in the state.

Noreen is one of more than 300,000 people who accessed these three centres last year and writes:

"The service is convenient - it's difficult for me to get to other centres. We are both over 80 and life gets more difficult for us. The local centre at Modbury is always busy - it meets our needs and the needs of many."

The state government claims these services can be shifted online, but our members on the ground are telling us that simply is not the case - many transactions are not possible via online delivery and many of their customers can't access online services.

One economist has publicly stated that there are few savings, if any, to be made from closing the three centres. The workload and the costs will just be shifted elsewhere and the level of service drastically reduced.

300,000 South Australians and the many PSA members working Service SA centres need your support on Saturday morning.

We hope to see you at Parliament House at 10:30am wearing green, and if you have a chance, please print the attached flyer (here) and place it somewhere prominent at your workplace.

Natasha Brown
PSA Assistant General Secretary