RAH Admin Review Further Clarification

19 February 2018

The Public Service Association (PSA) sought further clarification from SA Medical Imaging (SAMI) on behalf of PSA members regarding the RAH Administration Support review. The SAMI response was required before implementation of the plan.

The main points to be confirmed are:

  •     Two staff are to be rostered on each shift group. Therefore while on PM and weekend shifts, there will always be two administration staff rostered
  •     Crib Break explained: Staff will be required to work 150 paid hours per 4 weeks in order to gain 9 days off, plus the fifth week of additional leave for working 20 or more Sundays or Public Holidays. PM shifts will need to have 8 paid hours worked. The crib break allows for 30 minutes of the 8 hours to include the freedom to get sustenance while remaining on duty. If staff choose that they want a protected break they could do so by starting half an hour earlier and being on site for eight and a half hours. It is envisaged that the crib break would easily be accommodated in regular work practice.
  •     Workplace agreements were explained by the PSA as the industrial provision that enables crib breaks. Personal Flexibility Agreements would need to be negotiated with shift staff who wish to include the crib break in their PM shifts. Non-shift and relieving staff will not be able to access crib breaks as they need to maintain their 7.5 hour days to keep the roster balance.
  •     The plan is to meet with staff this Wednesday, 21 February 2018 to present the implementation plan
  •     There will be further opportunities for feedback following the staff meetings and prior to the implementation of the plan.

The next step is getting ready for implementation. Further questions may be asked as SAMI remains open to constructive suggestions.

PSA members are encouraged to continue to present ideas that might improve the implementation or the model. The goal should always be to facilitate the most effective and efficient service delivery in this area.