Public Trustee - Workloads - Personal Estates Branch Update

15 April 2016

PSA representatives recently met with Public Trustee management representatives to discuss ongoing concerns with workloads and leave management.

In the discussions management representatives acknowledged the PSA had not 'supported' the implementation of the first Workforce Planning Standard, changes to the ASO5 Roster or the revised leave management processes.


The PSA was informed that an amended 'Workforce Planning Standard' was to be provided for ongoing consultation. It has also been confirmed that further consultation on this revised draft will commence with all Personal Estates staff the week beginning 18 April, for approximately two weeks. It has also been agreed that the PSA can convene a paid time meeting of up to an hour to obtain feedback on this revised Standard.


In addition the PSA pressed that the recent threat of industrial action within the last PSA correspondence had not been taken lightly by members and that members were seeking an appropriate forum to regularly meet to discuss the ongoing concerns of workloads.


Management representatives have subsequently confirmed a willingness to establish such a 'Personal Estates Workforce Consultative Committee' with a terms of reference, membership, and time frames for the committee's operation to be forwarded to the PSA soon. It has been proposed that any such Committee would commence at the conclusion of the Workforce Planning Standard consultation.


Consequently the PSA will shortly be advising members of a paid time meeting to discuss both the Revised Standard and the establishment of the Consultative Committee. During these important times remember a strong member base means a strong voice for member interests. Encourage your colleagues to join now.