Public Trustee Workload Issues - Members to Look at the Options

16 March 2017

The PSA has continued to put pressure on the Public Trustee regarding the concerns of workload issues in the Public Trustee.

See the latest letter from the PSA here.

The PSA encourages members to support the PSA Worksite Representatives by nominating your interest to attend or proxy for the workload committee meetings. The PSA and PSA Worksite Representatives will then structure attendance to ensure all aspects of Trustee work is represented.

The position of Public Trustee at the South Australian Industrial Relations Commission (SA IRC) was that commitments to address workloads had been progressed and so workloads were addressed. The PSA argued successfully against a discontinuance of the matter due to our concerns of ongoing workload concerns. If the Public Trustee has started work on these initiatives please show us immediately.

It was also stressed at the SAIRC that the conditional suspension of members' industrial action was relative to a supportive environment from the employer and currently that is not being addressed. The PSA is awaiting the Public Trustee production of evidence (as they claim) they have addressed the current workloads in certain work groups.

The PSA is also attempting to meet with the Public Trustee regarding the lost flexi hours matter as a separate dispute matter. If the lost hours are not addressed then there maybe an escalation of this matter.

We invite PSA members to come together to discuss all these important workplace matters.