Public Trustee Members Endorse Industrial Action

28 October 2016

Following a well attended member meeting held on Thursday 27 October, the PSA can advise that there was unanimous endorsement to undertake the following industrial action:

1. Not to undertake non-essential administrative duties.

2. Advise SA public and stakeholders of an ongoing industrial dispute via wearing non-approved clothing, stickers and providing handouts and other related material.

3. Setting caseload limits dependent on classification and/or job role. With any additional caseloads to be handed back to the distributing/appropriate line manager.

Members also agreed that the action should not start for a period of three weeks to enable management to table real proposals to alleviate the current unsustainable workloads.

A copy of the full letter to the AGD Chief Executive can be viewed here

Now is the time to ensure you and your colleagues are members of the PSA. Should action be undertaken in three weeks we need to send a clear message to management that unsustainable workloads cannot go on. Those staff that join the PSA prior to the possible commencement of industrial action will still be protected when undertaking such action. Should management table specific proposals these of course will be brought before the membership to consider. If nothing is forthcoming, further guidance will be sent out prior to the initiation of industrial action.

PSA membership forms are available online here or join by contacting the PSA on 8205 3200.