Public Trustee: Member Feedback - Strategies to Reduce Workloads

28 April 2017

Following the Public Trustee (PT) detailing their measures taken to reduce workloads by team (as recently circulated to members) a members meeting was held to discuss the contents. The correspondence from the PT is available for reference here.

In order to ensure that the ongoing concerns of the membership remain firmly in focus for the PT, the PSA requests that all members advise their Worksite Representatives, or the PSA, of both their general comments but also specific examples of ongoing workload issues.

The PSA is also interested in examples where the management of flexitime has resulted in either lost hours or an inability to access those hours. Please feed examples to either the PSA or your Worksite Representatives.

Following receipt of as much feedback as possible the PSA will be requesting to meet the PT to continue the case for appropriate resources to address the ongoing pressures experienced my members.

The PSA will continue to work with members to ensure ongoing and sustainable solutions are provided by the PT.