Psychological Testing - PSA Lodges Dispute

24 January 2017

The PSA has lodged a dispute in the South Australian Industrial Relations Commission about psychological assessments for existing Residential Care staff.

This follows concerns that the Department is not willing to genuinely consult with members and the PSA about the proposed assessments, and is not willing to consider PSA members' genuine industrial issues.

A meeting on Monday last week between PSA General Secretary Nev Kitchin, PSA Industrial Officers, PSA Worksite Representatives and Department for Child Protection (DCP) representatives, in which the PSA sought commitments on consultation and raised some initial concerns about the proposed psychological testing, did not progress the matter.

DCP's subsequent written response (here) to the PSA and draft information can be accessed here.

The PSA does not agree with DCP's position, which is dismissive of members' genuine concerns.

DCP appears to be seeking to extend a previously disputed approach by using the Royal Commissioner's recommendations, and a novel interpretation of your enterprise agreement.

Genuine consultation must be undertaken. Members' industrial rights must be protected.

With the dispute notified and now lodged in the Commission, any action on the proposal must be placed on hold while the dispute is dealt with.