Psychological Assessments - SAIRC Recommendation

22 February 2017

The South Australian Industrial Relations Commission (SAIRC) has recommended “that
the employer abstain from conducting any activities in relation to the psychological suitability assessment process for a period of 2 weeks to allow for consultation to occur with the PSA and its members on this matter”

This will allow for genuine consultation to occur. The Commission also noted that its preliminary view was that “the PSA are genuinely engaging in consultation and are not deliberately stalling the process”.

The parties will return to the SAIRC on Monday 6 March 2017.

The very clear position of DCP is that they are in a hurry to implement the testing on all workers - whether or not their employees' concerns are addressed.

PSA members' concerns arising from the Department's proposal to initiate psychological testing must be resolved.

Members need to be aware that the Department is indicating – among other things - that:

  • It may terminate the employment of workers deemed unsuitable
  • More than 360 staff would be tested in the coming months
  • All staff would to be tested every three years
  • There is no “maybe” in the assessment report. It will either be “suitable” or “not suitable”.
  • In relation to any review of an assessment - complete faith in the Department's process will be required.

PSA members are seriously concerned that the process as proposed may damage the lives and end the careers of genuine hard working people, who have never been, and never will be, a risk to children.


The PSA requests that all members consider what they can do (provide feedback, talk to other members, and attend PSA meetings), as everything you do will contribute to a fairer outcome.