Psychological Assessments - Consultation Process Update

20 February 2017

Residential Care staff continue to face termination of employment dependent on the outcome of a psychological assessment.
PSA members came together last Thursday to discuss the current process of consultation regarding the dispute matter of psychological assessments to all staff in Residential Care. Members continue to support ongoing consultation, however stressed that all staff should be aware of the following;

Staff may be terminated based on a suitability psychological assessment.

PSA members passed the following motion and ask all members to show their support this week by wearing your PSA green colours on Wednesday 22 (see the PSA Green Day information update here).

PSA members wholeheartedly support the position of the PSA (on behalf of members) that the Department provide a rationale for its decision to require all current staff to undertake ongoing psychological assessments.

Such rationale must address the questions of the validity, reliability and utility of these assessments.

PSA members will continue to come together to discuss, and make decisions on this matter.

A document produced by PsychCheck (here) was presented to the PSA by Department for Child Protection to provide further information about the process. The PSA is assessing this information. Please continue to provide your feedback, queries or concerns about the testing.

A report back to the South Australian Industrial Relations Commission will occur today.

The PSA will continue to update members.