PSA Worksite Representatives Condemn State Budget

12 July 2016

PSA Worksite Representatives met today, Tuesday 12 July 2016, to discuss the implications of the 2016-17 State Budget.


PSA Worksite Representatives are concerned about the wages policy placing a 1.5% cap on public sector wages for the next three years, and plans to commercialise functions of the Lands Titles Office.


As such, the following motion tabled by PSA General Secretary, Nev Kitchin was unanimously endorsed;


"Today's meeting of PSA Worksite Representatives condemns last week’s State Budget as a Budget of broken promises.


Worksite Representatives do not support differing wage outcomes for public sector workers. The announcement of a 1.5% wage cap on annual wages outcomes for the next three years creates a two tier system of public sector workers.


In 2016, Enterprise Bargaining outcomes for other public sector workers including weekly paid, Police and Teachers have provided an annual wage increase of 2.5%, with confirmation that the Ambulance Officers and Nurses agreements have been negotiated on the basis of 2.5% pa.


Worksite Representatives call on the State Government to reconsider the 1.5% wages cap to ensure consistency in line with the Government's ‘One Government, One Employer’ policy.


Worksite Representatives are outraged with the State Government's intention to privatise the Lands Titles Office. This is a blatant broken promise by the State Government. Today's meeting expresses its full support of Lands Titles Office members considering the commencement of an anti privatisation campaign.


Worksite Representatives endorse a round of member visits and meetings across the State to seek support for the commencement of a statewide campaign against a 1.5% wages cap and the privatisation of Government services.”


The PSA has written to Premier Weatherill informing him of today's motion, seeking a response and urging him to reconsider these elements of the Budget.


PSA members deserve to be treated by the Government with the same respect and value as any other employee group in the Public Sector. In 2010, PSA members similarly campaigned against State Budget announcements reducing entitlements. The time to be united, organised and active is now.


The PSA encourages all members to discuss with your colleagues these principal issues announced in the Budget and how we as members campaign against them.


The PSA will hold meetings in worksites across the State over the coming weeks to discuss these issues and the commencement of a campaign.