PSA Update for Members at RDNS | Enterprise Bargaining and June 2020

19 August 2019

For staff who have moved from State Government to RDNS, the time is getting closer to the end of the two year commitments that RDNS made when your employment was transferred.

Your PSA Worksite Reps have been meeting regularly over this time and the PSA has been raising member issues at the Consultative Committee meetings on a regular basis.

A few weeks ago, you received a memo from management outlining the process of Enterprise Bargaining. Because the Silverchain EBA expires before the end of the two year guarantee of conditions the situation is quite complex about how we will manage the bargaining process for both agreements to ensure the best outcome for members.

The Silverchain Enterprise Agreement is a national agreement and so the bargaining process would involve all non nursing staff who work for Silverchain across the nation.

Please be assured that your current conditions are guaranteed until June 2020.

PSA Senior Industrial Officer, is gathering all the necessary legal and industrial information and will be meeting with your Worksite Representatives on 5 September to discuss a way forward.

If you have any questions or issues you wish to be considered, please email PSA.