PSA Submission to the National Partnership Agreement Review

24 October 2018

The Legal Services Commission gets significant funding from the federal government through the National Partnership Agreement (NPA) which has been in place since the late nineties. The NPA is due to expire and is currently the subject of a review to decide how and how much funding will be provided by the federal government to the states’ legal aid bodies into the future.

The national body that includes the Public Service Association (PSA) is the Community and Public Sector Union State Public Services Federation (CPSU (SPSF)). CPSU (SPSF) coordinated a national submission to the review with a focus on significantly more funding, consistency across the states, security of the funding and more flexibility in the rules surrounding the use of federal funding.

A copy of the CPSU (SPSF) submission can be viewed here.

Thank you to the members who provided input to the survey, supporting evidence for the submission and for their comments on the initial drafts. The quality of the submission owes much to your knowledge and willingness to contribute and, if the review recommends positive outcomes, you should feel you have played an important part in that.

It is likely that CPSU (SPSF) will have more to contribute once recommendations are made or if further evidence or submissions are called for. Members are encouraged to continue to think about the needs of LSC and the consequences of any further possible funding cuts or limitations to the use of federal funding.