PSA Stands Firm Against Leave Recuperation

22 December 2016

The Public Service Association (PSA) has received a reply to the correspondence sent to Country Fire Service (CFS) Chief Officer Mr Greg Nettleton on 14 December 2016. The current position of the Chief Officer clearly shows the CFS is not willing to shoulder any responsibility for their errors.

In our correspondence to the CFS, the PSA expressed concerns that the CFS intended to claw back leave that had been credited incorrectly by the agency since 2002. The amount of the over credited leave varies between employees. It is clear the agency did not enforce any checks and balances nor ensure due diligence was carried out in their process from when time sheets were signed off by CFS managers through to allocation and payment by Shared Services.

The PSA advise all members affected to accept meeting requests from SAFECOM HR and at these meetings request a full audit of the leave allocated to them to be forwarded in writing once available. This will give everyone affected time to check all details prior to any decisions being made.

If you have had your interview prior to receiving this advise, the PSA advise to contact Ms Jeanette Smith, Principle Industrial Relations Advisor, SAFECOM, by email and request an audited report of your leave allocations.

The PSA will be reviewing options early in 2017.