PSA SSO Update | SSO Week, Report on Bargaining and Year Sevens

06 June 2019

SSO Week – 26-30 August 2019
National SSO week is from 26 – 30 August 2019. This year’s theme is Recognising the People who make Schooling Happen. Please put this in your school diary and organising how you can celebrate this year.

National SSO Awards 2019

SSOs work together every day to make schooling happen: they support our students, teachers, parents and keep our schools running. Nominate an SSO team, or your own team, at your school who should be recognised for their contribution.

Nominations close Friday 5 July 2019 and the national winner will be announced during SSO week.

Nominations can be made here.

Download the SSO Week awards poster here.

PSA SSO Conference – Recognition of SSOs– Knowing our rights and Raising our Voices
The PSA SSO conference will be held at the PSA as part of SSO week on Thursday 29 August 2019. The conference program and registration details will be out soon.

Enterprise Bargaining Report
The PSA bargains solely for improvements for support staff as part of the Education Enterprise Agreement Process. PSA members said they wanted fair pay, a better career path, job security, manageable workload, access to the PAC for SSOs, equal treatment as other staff and a better work life balance.

An important claim made by the PSA was for there to be an audit of all SSO1 positions with the aim of moving SSO1s to SSO2 level. The PSA is pleased that in the last few weeks, the Department has released guidelines for this audit to occur. The PSA is committed to monitoring the process and supporting members to move to SSO2 where it is appropriate.

The Department has also agreed to include formal SSO representation on the PAC so the impact of staffing decisions on SSO work and workload would be taken into consideration for the first time.

The PSA is currently waiting for a formal offer from the Government. When this occurs, we will consult with members to determine our response.

Year Sevens Moving To Secondary Schools
The plan to move year sevens to secondary schools does not just impact on students and teaching staff. The impact on SSOs needs to be recognised and addressed. That is why the PSA participates on the Year 7 Departmental Reference committee.

The staffing levels, roles and structures for SSOs are vary different between primary and secondary schools. There are also many unanswered questions such as who will be asked to transfer, what impact will this have on jobs and whether SSOs will be required to move their school.

Please let us know if you have any comments, questions or issues you wish to be raised at the reference committee.