PSA Slams Sale of Lands Titles Office

08 July 2016

Thursday's State Budget announced the privatisation of the LTO, which breaks a pre-2014 election promise by Premier Weatherill of no privatisation of public services and assets.


The State Budget has confirmed that the transactional functions of the LTO will be “commercialised”, with an EOI being sought from the private sector for a long-term (e.g. 40 year) contract to provide these services.

The PSA General Secretary, Nev Kitchin slammed the proposed privatisation:


Call it what you want, commercialisation is privatisation, and this is not good for LTO workers and the community who rely on the LTO to maintain the integrity of our world class lands title system and records.


Any proposal to sell or partially sell the LTO is contrary to the previously stated State Government policy of 'No privatisation' of public assets.”


The State Government must be held to account. Now is the time to join the PSA and fight this broken promise.


The PSA will be organising a member meeting, details to be provided soon. It is essential that everyone attends to ensure whatever happens next is done with the full support of the members.