PSA Seeks Action on Commitments

15 April 2016

Since the initiation of industrial action within AYTC, one key element the PSA has raised with the Department of Communities and Social Inclusion (DCSI) has been their inability to honour numerous safety commitments made since 2015. This inaction has highlighted member concerns that lip service has been paid to ensuring a safe work environment for members.


As a consequence of the last meeting with management representatives, a request was made that the PSA provide a list of commitments not met by DCSI – In compiling this list it is frightening to see just how little attention has been paid to this huge list of unaddressed matters. The necessity of member action is made all the clearer when these issues are listed.


DCSI Commitments Since Sept 2015


  • Additional 'heightened review process' regarding resident initiating incidents


  • Commitment to review any incident or behavioural strategy on request


  • Establish a forum to address issues outlined


  • Genuine report on progress as of (28 Sept 2015 - did not occur in PSA view to provide tangible outcomes)


  • Process implemented which covers assessment of continuing risk and violence of a resident after a serious/violent incident


  • When an assault occurs on a staff member or resident (unprovoked), an immediate review will occur to ensure adequate strategies are in place to manage resident behaviour


  • Forum was reviewing (from DCSI AYTC management)


    • Procedure/process for the application and use of mechanical restraints as part of a safety plan


    • Debrief process (including hot/cold debrief and welfare checks)


    • Supervision and Chain of command (residents)


    • Supervision and support (Staff)


    • Behaviour support strategies/management (including consequences/rewards)


    • Training, supervision and allocation of OPX2s


    • Dynamic security (including unit based programs and activities allocations)



  • Risk Assessment Process on individual assessment to be developed by AYTC


    • Includes individual behaviour


    • Clarity on structured decision making


    • Ensure consideration of heightened or escalated levels of residents


    • All relevant incidents history, incidents, recent involvement in incidents considered



  • Behaviour support framework review and consultation of recommendations


  • Watch notifications and communication


  • Young people out of units (only 2 units at a time)


  • Education movement (restrict risks and consider point above)


  • Mechanical restraints carried by all responders


  • Additional cuffs purchased if necessary


  • Improved communication across AYTC


  • Structured approach to workplace learning


  • Written update on progress of all commitments



Further elements to be addressed (had expected to be covered in other forums established in 2015, continue to be raised and concerns continue that no progress has been made)


  • PPE - soft shield (still requires progress as well as input and consultation on use/strategies with members)


  • CCTV - external access concerns (never addressed in writing)


  • Medication procedure and Health Support - issues/concerns of processes


  • Medication trolley (issues in use)



Members continuing to be united and standing strong together will make a difference. These commitments must be honoured by DCSI.


As part of the dispute resolution and in light of the vast number of issues unresolved the further commitments sought by members in relation to additional staff, conversion of part time to ongoing full time and an independent safety audit are all integral in resolving the current state of affairs.


The PSA are seeking further communications and responses to our commitments from DCSI, we will also arrange member meetings in due to course to seek your feedback on any responses or offers put forward.