PSA Seek Transparency on Staffing

08 March 2016

As a result of the recent dispute within Families SA, the Public Service Association (PSA) has received information from the Department for Education and Child Development (DECD) stating the Residential Care Directorate has FTE figures of 545 staff and only 26 vacancies.

In a recent meeting the PSA requested confirmation of vacancy numbers, and how many positions were being recruited in the current process. No clear answers could be provided by HR, Director or Executive Director who were all present at the meeting.

As a result of this lack of clarity and the ongoing reports of the increased use of commercial care the PSA has requested significant information from the CE [copy of letter here].

The PSA recognises the concerns of our members about the Residential Care environment and staffing, and encourage all members to engage with us on how to make the safest environment for all staff and those most vulnerable, the children for whom you care.

The PSA encourages all members to put forward your concerns to the PSA and your PSA work site Representatives. All information regarding a safe environment from members will assist your reps to bring the focus on what matters most the wellbeing of staff and the young people you care for.

For further information or clarification please contact your PSA Worksite Representatives or the PSA.