PSA Response to SAMI RAH Administration Support Structure Review

02 February 2018

The consultation period for the proposed South Australian Medical Imaging (SAMI), Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH), Administration Support Structure has now concluded. PSA members raised many questions and offered opinions regarding the proposal. These were submitted to SAMI management before the close of consultation.

The PSA’s submission is attached here.

SAMI management must now review all of the consultation feedback, acknowledge and respond to the points raised, and modify the proposed implementation plan accordingly.

The next step might involve further dialogue between staff and management clarifying issues raised, or there might be an implementation plan presented including time-lines for progression. Members should expect a quick response given that the proposal nominates 19 February 2018 as the commencement date for the change process.

PSA members are encouraged to continue to present ideas that might improve the implementation or the model. The goal should always be to facilitate the most effective and efficient service delivery in this area.

The PSA welcomes any comments or concerns from members.