PSA Residential Care Workers Unanimously Oppose 12 Hour Shifts | Update

20 March 2019

The PSA met with the Department for Child Protection (DCP) today (Wednesday, 20 March 2019) to deliver the message from members that we oppose 12 hour shifts in Residential Care.

We put forward the response from members who unanimously voted against the proposed 12 hour rosters in Residential Care.

        “We oppose the 12 hour roster.
        We demand proper consultation.”

The PSA has requested, and the Department agreed to, a response in writing to the PSA by early next week.

The PSA on behalf of members has offered to engage in genuine consultation to provide acceptable rostering options moving forward where the PSA will focus on members well being.

During the meeting the Department made it clear they did not want permanent night officers in residential care facilities and all resi-care staff should be working a 24/7 roster. The PSA is interested in speaking with permanent night officers regarding this change of working conditions.