PSA Reclassification SSO 1-2 Initiative

09 February 2017

The PSA conducted three very successful SSO Reclassification workshops over the Christmas holidays. SSOs attending these sessions provided feedback including:

that PSA will support a member in (their) reclass process”

finding our schools do not need to have a certain number of SSOs (at certain classifications)”, “clarification of work level definitions”,

classification of what important information needs to be included in the submission”,

keeping the diary was great”

that employees of DECD have many more rights than I realised”

This week PSA staff met with DECD representatives to discuss the success of these workshops and provide further information on the way forward, including proposed workshop sessions with DECD HR consultants.

These workshops will ensure HR consultants have up to date information which will enable them to apply a fair and well rounded process when determining SSO reclassification applications forwarded to them.

Once these workshops have been completed and work relating to the review of the Work Level Definitions is underway, the PSA will advertise further SSO Reclassification workshops.

Although these workshops focus on classroom support SSOs, the information provided and discussed at the workshop can be used for any duties undertaken at school sites at any level.

Further visits to schools are planned. Members (or non-member who want to join) can contact Di Rankine on 8205 3258 or email her at the address below.

Remember as a PSA member you are entitled to 10 days trade union training every two years.