PSA Rally – You Don’t Need Permission!

28 November 2017

The PSA EB Membership Rally at Parliament House will be held between 12:15pm and 1pm tomorrow, 29 November 2017 (Wednesday).

This means many members will be able to attend the Rally in their lunchtime – especially those on flexitime arrangements.

If flexitime is used to attend the PSA EB Rally your attendance is in your own time and is not industrial action.

PSA Members do not need their management’s permission to attend the PSA EB Rally. It is your choice as a PSA Member whether you join your colleagues in letting the government know you need a fair and equitable enterprise agreement.

Those members not attending the rally in their lunchtime, on flexitime, or through some other arrangement could be considered to be taking industrial action. However, union members cannot be discriminated against for taking industrial action. It is lawful for union members to seek better industrial conditions for themselves and others.

It is possible management may seek to dock some members’ pay. However, management can only do this for time spent away from the workplace outside of your lunch break, flexitime provisions or other arrangements.

If any member considers they have been affected adversely by attending the Rally they should contact the PSA Members’ Rights Hotline on (08) 8205 3227 immediately.

Add your voice to those campaigning for a fair and equitable enterprise agreement!

Come to the PSA Rally!