PSA Radiography Member at FMC to Recommence Industrial Action

28 September 2016

Following the PSA seeking clarification from SAMI management regarding the agreement of 15 June 2016 that led to members suspending industrial action, the clarification received from SAMI was discussed by members on Monday 26 September. The correspondence from SAMI can be viewed here.

As the position from SAMI does not honour the agreement reached in June 2016, members overwhelmingly endorsed recommencing the industrial action that had been suspended at that time.

The letter to SAMI management from the PSA can be viewed here. The letter confirms that industrial action will recommence on Tuesday 4 October 2016. Industrial Action recommencing includes the following:

  • Posters and flyers to be displayed and distributed to patients and external stakeholders detailing reasons for industrial action.
  • Stickers to be worn by staff participating in the industrial action.
  • Not answering phones when working solo (i.e. after hours from 6.30pm Monday to Friday and over weekends).
  • Not complete work-ups when solo/after hours from 6.30pm Monday to Friday and over weekends (except Perfusion maps for stroke and vascular patients) including all Angiograms and Orthopaedic measurements.

It is essential that all members in the FMC CT section recommence the industrial action. This united message will be a clear indication to the employer of the need to honour agreements negotiated in good faith.

If your employer directs you either stop the action or undertake duties contrary to the approved action, please ask that they detail their request in writing and respond in writing to your management accordingly:

I am undertaking authorised industrial action. The purpose of this action is to both explain to external stakeholders that the system is at breaking point and to force SA Medical Imaging management to recognise urgent action is needed to address unsustainable workloads.

If you are placed under pressure please advise either your PSA Worksite Representative or the PSA as soon as possible.

SAMI has also been advised that escalating action may be initiated by members should the Department fail to honour the agreement reached in June 2016. The escalating of action will be at a time to be decided by the PSA and members. For further assistance and guidance contact your Worksite Representative or PSA Organiser, Rachael Scott on 8205 3293.