PSA Proper Consultation - So Far

12 September 2016

Members will be aware that the Ernst &Young (EY) Review of SA Pathology is now to be known as the SA Pathology Efficiency Improvement Program, or EIP, and is the subject of monthly consultative meetings with the PSA and other unions. It is important to point out that only staff whose conditions of employment are covered by the SA Public Sector Wages Parity Enterprise Agreement: Salaried 2014 and some weekly paid employees are the targets for the job cuts recommended by EY.

The PSA is the only union relevant to SA Pathology bound by the Salaried Parity agreement.

The PSA has repeatedly and consistently been clear that proper consultation must occur as required by our enterprise agreement.

The original Implementation Approach released by SA Pathology has now morphed into the Staff Engagement Framework which has, through persistent PSA representation, been created to ensure genuine consultation occurs.

Since last year the working groups were composed by hand-picked staff who were mostly SA Pathology management employees. The PSA has continually stated that this is insufficient and that we require consultation to occur with the PSA/members at the workgroup/workplace level. The PSA has now been successful in reaching agreement to have a seat for a PSA member on each working group.

The PSA has already indicated that we will seek to have a position on all 15 working groups identified so far.

At the next consultative committee meeting, scheduled for Monday 19 September, we expect further negotiation of the details on how SA Pathology will announce the agreement to have staff/union representatives participate on the working groups and the processes that will facilitate staff/union representatives to nominate and participate during work hours.

The PSA will call for representatives once the announcement and details are confirmed.