PSA Opposes DPTI Proposal to Privatise Road Maintenance

18 April 2019

PSA members in Field Services have been advised by management of a proposal to privatise the Road Maintenance function in the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure. The proposal would result in a large number of jobs being cut through the function being split up into four contracts and filled by private companies for about 13 years.

Field Services provides an essential public service which ensures safety for the SA community and provides professional, consistent and well managed maintenance for the crucial public infrastructure of roads, bridges and marine.

Privatisation has been shown to lead to poorer standards as companies cut costs to maximise profits.

During the next few weeks, PSA will be visiting worksites and talking with members about the impact of this proposal on the community and the issues and concerns about the future of their jobs. Please ensure you attend these meetings and encourage others to come along as well, even if they are not yet members of the PSA.

Under the consultation provisions of the Enterprise Agreement, the PSA will be providing feedback about this proposal. We need to hear back from members from across DPTI about why the Department shouldn’t privatise this essential public service.

Members are encouraged to provide this feedback by Friday 3 May 2019 via email.

The PSA will also be meeting and working with the other unions whose members are affected by this proposal.