PSA Opposed to Proposed SA Pathology Model

08 August 2017

The PSA continues to be opposed to the Proposed Operational Configuration and Workforce Model for SA Pathology. Our members are specifically concerned, because no distinct measures have been considered or offered in the proposal in relation to:

  •  The ongoing sustainability of the workload;
  •  The specific timeline for implementation considering all the new IT systems and new laboratory at the nRAH;
  •  The introduction and transition time to a multi-disciplinary lab and the proposed training schedules; and
  •  The nRAH start date and the onerous training staff are required to achieve in an extremely short space of time while maintaining their workload. This includes learning EPAS and EPLIS, learning to work in a new laboratory and learning to use the new analysers which is further complicated by the fact that some staff will be required to work across two locations and concurrently run equipment and deliver a reliable service.

The PSA submitted a comprehensive response to SA Pathology on Friday, 4 August 2017. A copy of the letter can be found (here), and a copy of the full consultation feedback submissions can be found (here).