PSA Members Win Changes to Proposed Drug and Alcohol Policy

06 September 2017

After the recent email by DPTI sent to all DPTI staff which referenced the proposed Drug and Alcohol Policy, the PSA wrote to DPTI repeating the position of members about the changes needed to the proposal.

As a result of the consultation from members and the message to the Department that this policy needs significant changes, the PSA requested that the Department make the needed changes to the proposal based on the feedback received. On Tuesday the Department confirmed that this will now take place.

DPTI has also agreed to the PSA request for a cross union meeting with the architects of the policy and Worksite Representatives.

Staff have also been asked to attend ‘Awareness’ sessions around Drug and Alcohol abuse. The PSA supports informative sessions, however theses sessions should not directly relate or refer to the policy process while the policy is still marked as ‘draft’.

The PSA looks forward to these ongoing discussions with the Department and receiving the changed policy. The PSA will continue to work with members and the Department to ensure a reasonable policy is put in place.

PSA members continue to reject many aspects of the policy and will continue to assert that these aspects need to be changed.