PSA Members Win Changes to DEW Structure

21 March 2019

The Public Service Association (PSA) has been informed that changes members asked for to the new Organisation Structure have been accepted. These changes include a reduction in Executive Director and Director positions as well as changes to the structure which re-balance focus on Heritage and Native Vegetation.

The PSA also questioned the necessity for the proposed ‘Sustainable Economic Development’ Division. This was based on overwhelming feedback from members concerned that this would signal a significant shift in priorities and focus of the Department. Members should feel proud that thanks to their feedback that division has now been removed.

This process has demonstrated the importance of members providing feedback and the Department listening to the feedback through the genuine consultation process as required under your Enterprise Agreements.

Each area in the Department will now work on proposals for more detailed structures. It is the PSA’s expectation that each structure will have a separate consultation process for affected members to provide feedback and be part of the consultation process.