PSA Members Endorse Action

30 March 2016

The Public Service Association (PSA) has notified the Department for Communities and Social Inclusion (DCSI) that industrial action will be starting this week due to ongoing concerns that PSA members are not being supported and ongoing security issues remain unresolved. A copy of the correspondence can be viewed here.


PSA member meetings will continue this week, and further discussions expected with Adelaide Youth Training Centre (AYTC) and DCSI. The PSA will continue to keep you up to date.


PSA members endorsed the following motion;


PSA members continue to be frustrated by the employer's lack of support and tangible actions and outcomes in its approach to improving the safety of the work environment. PSA members endorse industrial action restricting a number of unsafe practices.


The following actions will be taking place from the week beginning 29 March 2016;


  • AM shifts at recess breaks to be held in the units


  • When short staffed, Behavioural Support Officer (OPS4) to be replaced by a suitable trained employees of OPS4 (or higher), or from the OPS4 BSO pool.


  • Restrictions to apply if there is a BSO short (2 BSOs minimum per site). This includes restricting up to half the units residents 'being up' at a time. Restrictions including to not use outside areas (i.e. oval, gym) and if a visit is occurring, for the unit to be secure/restricted.


Industrial action will not place young people at risk.