PSA Members Deserve Protection at Work

15 February 2016

Over the past 24 hours, there have been numerous media reports regarding a "deal" that has been proposed to provide superior Return to Work provisions for Sworn Police Officers.

In September 2015 the PSA formally wrote to the Deputy Premier, advising that whilst the PSA acknowledges and appreciates the challenges that emergency services workers confront on a regular basis, similar challenges also confront many PSA members employed in similar environments.

PSA members provide vital services to those most in need in our community, across a wide range of categories and classifications and are entitled to be treated with respect and have the same protections as it relates to
Return to Work provisions.

PSA members do not go to work to get injured.

The PSA is meeting with the Deputy Premier tomorrow.
The PSA will ensure that this item is high on the Agenda. The PSA will continue to advocate for the rights of injured workers.