PSA Meets With The Premier

09 April 2019

PSA General Secretary, PSA President, PSA Assistant General Secretary and PSA Manager, Policy and Strategy met with the Hon. Steven Marshall MP, Premier of South Australia late yesterday for a broad discussion about issues relevant to the PSA membership.

The meeting covered a range of topics and included broad discussion on several matters including:

  •  Privatisation: the PSA raised issues about privatisations generally as well as concerns about the future of SA Pathology.
  •  State Budget: the PSA raised issues about processes and outcomes arising from the last budget, and the need for the support and retention of public services in the next budget.
  •  Government decision making about the provision of services and the importance of consultation and involving the PSA membership in those processes.
  •  The need for a constructive and professional working relationship between the Government as the employer and the PSA as a principal representative of public sector employees.
  •  The upcoming enterprise bargaining round.

Further meetings with the Premier have been agreed to be scheduled throughout the year.