PSA Meets with PIRSA/SARDI Management

18 May 2018

The Public Service Association (PSA) has met with PIRSA/SARDI senior management to further discuss the matter of individual contracts.

This matter has been of concern for members in both areas of the agency for some time and members have requested the PSA to seek clarity. The PSA has put forward a clear case for members to be considered for ongoing employment. PIRSA/SARDI management are aware of members’ concerns and have explained how both their external funding and treasury funding is used to achieve in their view the best outcomes for staff in all areas of the agency regarding employment.

External funding remains the highest source of income from both the Commonwealth and the private sector, allowing for scientists and research staff to continue their valued role. However the rolling over of contracts still remains a concern, especially in the ASO and PO streams where there is the greatest instability for ongoing employment.

The PSA has been given an undertaking by agency management that they will look at all contracts as soon as possible on an individual basis that are presented by the PSA for consideration.