PSA Meets with Minister for Social Housing

23 March 2016

On Tuesday 22 March 2016, a delegation of PSA Worksite Representatives from Housing SA, lead by PSA General Secretary Nev Kitchin, met with The Hon. Zoe Bettison, MP, Minister for Social Housing,to discuss the implications of the Statutes Amendment (Home Detention) Bill 2015.

Specifically, the following items were discussed:

  • The potential impact on Housing SA Officers, in particular as it relates to safety and support mechanisms.

  • The need for a review of current policies as it relates to the Housing SA Home visit guidelines and working alone.

  • The consultative method for identifying and drafting the operational supportive strategies and documents to assist with the minimisation of risk to all stakeholders.


Importantly, the Minister indicated her support for the establishment of a working group, comprising Management and employee representatives. The objective of this group is to address the development of appropriate guidelines and work systems that reflect best practice and protect the safety of PSA members who continue to provide vital services to the most vulnerable within the South Australian community.