PSA Meets with DECD Chief Executive

05 October 2016

On Monday 26 September 2016 the PSA met with Rick Persse, Chief Executive DECD. The PSA was represented by General Secretary Nev Kitchin, Assistant General Secretary Natasha Brown and Senior Industrial Officers David Stevens and Ian Peak.

The following issues were discussed;

New Child Protection Department
Issues arising out of implementation of the Nyland Royal Commission recommendations were discussed including the transition to the new Department of Child Protection.

This is scheduled to occur on 1 November 2016.

Current staff of Families SA will transition and initially there should be minimal change.

Some decisions will need to be made about the transition of corporate staff (Head Office) especially for those who may have been undertaking both Education and Families SA functions, but for those undertaking predominantly Families SA functions they should stay with Families SA.

Understandably, much of the implementation will be finalised by the new CE.

Implementation of Royal Commission Recommendations
The initial recommendations to be implemented were reported in the PSA Brief of 9 September 2016 attached here.

The PSA also meets fortnightly with HR to discuss issues and proposals regarding the implementation of the Nyland report and the transition into the new department.

Written Response to Staff Resource Concerns
The PSA has received a reply attached here to concerns previously raised by the PSA during the atbreakingpoint campaign and these were discussed. The PSA expressed concerns about staffing in country areas.

Fly In-Fly Out Contracts
The PSA raised concerns that issues surrounding the conditions and allowances for fly in-fly out staff to the APY lands were not yet resolved satisfactorily.

The PSA reiterated its concerns about the need for ongoing training and support of staff which was understood by the CE.

The PSA will continue to keep members updated about current issues in DECD.