PSA Meets with CFS Management

13 January 2017

The Public Service Association (PSA) met with Country Fire Service (CFS) officials today to further discuss matters relating to the “Incorrect Accrual of Leave”.

The PSA has put a number of proposals to the CFS for consideration and have been assured that prior to any further action being taken on this matter those matters would be fully explored.

PSA members may in the mean time receive a letter detailing to an audit which is being conducted by Shared Services SA which will show leave accruals and the extent of the errors. These letters are to be interpreted as advisory notices only, and not notices for action at this point in time.

The PSA has advised the CFS that should a different approach not be forthcoming, all other avenues will be explored including referring the matter to the South Australian Industrial Relations Commission.

The PSA will continue to work towards a positive outcome for all affected members regarding this matter. Encourage your colleagues who are not already members of the PSA to join and together win this campaign.