PSA Lodge Dispute On The Child Safety Pathway

30 June 2017

The PSA has lodged a dispute notification with the Department for Child Protection (DCP) in regard to the implementation of the Child Safety Pathway that consists of a call team to triage calls.

The PSA and members raised concerns that the model DCP is seeking to introduce is fundamentally flawed. The PSA has requested that DCP provide the rationale as to why the Department is forging ahead with a call team to triage calls when Commissioner Nyland and PSA members have stated quite clearly that this model is not appropriate. Specifically, the triaging of calls carries significant industrial risk and risks for children and we can not endorse the separation of notification and assessment. The dispute letter is available (here).

The PSA and PSA Worksite Representatives from call the centre met with the DCP on Wednesday 28 June 2017. At the conclusion of this meeting it is still unclear as to the rationale for separating notification and assessment.

The PSA is waiting for a formal response from DCP. The PSA will ensure an update is made available to all PSA members when a response is received.