PSA Intervention on Behalf of Members Receiving Separation Packages

02 November 2018

PSA members who received offers of separation packages on or after 19 October 2018 advised the PSA the offers did not include a $15,000 early incentive as has been negotiated by the PSA as a condition of all TVSPs.

As members in the Legal Services Commission, you are covered by the South Australian Modern Public Service Salaried Enterprise Agreement 2017 (SAMPSEAS) which is negotiated between the PSA and the government.

Members working in LSC should expect that the conditions your public service colleagues enjoy are extended to you. This includes issues your PSA Worksite Representatives have been recently pursuing on your behalf including access to Flexitime (Clause 25), ongoing employment as the primary form of public sector employment (clause 10), classification of ASOs (clause 39) and consultation around change (clause 34).

PSA pursued the $15k additional payment in a letter to the LSC last week (here) and welcomes the LSC’s acceptance, following the PSA correspondence, that the entitlement needs to be included in members’ separation packages.

Especially appreciated has been the kind emails from you/your colleagues thanking the PSA for pursuing the issue. Too often all of us – members, Worksite Representatives and PSA staff – neglect to celebrate a great outcome so well done everyone for a result that is a genuine significant and welcome outcome for many long time members.

To those members taking a package, best wishes from the PSA for the next stages of your lives. For those still around, the impacts on you will be significant too. PSA members will need to work together to get the best outcomes on workloads, management of a new working environment and everything that will be a consequence of the loss of your colleagues.

Negotiations for the next Enterprise Agreement will commence later next year so it will be important we strengthen our membership to protect and improve conditions like the entitlements in your separation packages. You are encouraged to talk to your workmates about any issues they have and take those to your Worksite Representatives.