PSA in Dispute with DECD Again! Corporate Office Review

15 February 2016

The Public Service Association (PSA) is once again in dispute with Department for Education and Child Development (DECD) about the Corporate Office Review.

One of the issues in dispute previously was Job and Person Specifications (J&PS) not being updated prior to the Review arrangements being undertaken. The issue was resolved when DECD made the following commitment;

"It is acknowledged that not all J&Ps were reviewed prior to the proposed restructure arrangements within Learning Improvement and School and Preschool Improvement. Action has been taken for this to occur in all subsequent restructure arrangements.

To address the PSA's concerns, DECD proposes that all Directors across Corporate Office will send out current J&Ps to their team members. Where a team member believes the J&P to be significantly different to the activities they are currently undertaking, then they are to meet with their leader to revise the J&P prior to the end of the consultation period. The team member can choose to engage their PSA rep to support them in that process."

The PSA has held meetings with members from all of the areas affected by the Corporate Review within the consultation period. PSA members have advised most areas have not updated J&Ps. There are also some members who have been informed that as they don't have a position in the proposed new structure they do not need to update their J&Ps. This is not correct.

The PSA is very concerned that DECD have not followed through with their commitment. The PSA requires DECD to provide evidence that Directors have undertaken the required action and, where J&Ps have not been updated, provide time frames for this to occur.

As the PSA is currently in dispute with DECD regarding the Corporate Office Review the status quo must remain, all activity around the Corporate Office Reviews must cease until this matter is resolved.

PSA members are encouraged to advise the PSA if their J&P has not been updated. Members are also encouraged to talk to non member colleagues about this issue and about joining the PSA. The Union's strength is in numbers, active members and worksite representatives. If you do not have a PSA worksite representative in your area please consider undertaking this very important role.

For further information or to organise a visit to your area please contact the PSA.