PSA Feedback - Proposed Statewide Restructure of Child And Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS)

11 April 2017

Please see the PSA's submission to CAMHS Executive here.

The PSA has stated in the submission that given the extensive nature of our feedback, and the additional information requested to enable members to consider evidence and rationales further in able to provide fully informed feedback, the PSA understands that a response to each of the concerns raised in the submission will not occur quickly. However, the PSA also advised that we do expect that a further consultation period will be required to enable this review of additional evidence and information by members to occur.

The PSA is aware of the CAMHS workshop to be held this Wednesday 12 April 2017 to review all the feedback received, being attended by self-nominating staff including PSA Worksite Representative Shoona Howard and other PSA members. The PSA will await further information from CAMHS regarding the recommendations from this workshop, which recommendations CAMHS will be endorsing for CEO review, and then the further response from the CEO regarding the proposals and to the matters raised by the PSA.

The PSA will continue to keep members updated.