PSA Enterprise Agreement Proposals Merit Serious Consideration

18 May 2017

The government has confirmed it is giving serious consideration to the PSA’s proposals for a new enterprise agreement.

The confirmation came at the Enterprise Bargaining General Meeting held at the PSA today.

The government advised during the meeting it was not yet in a position to provide a response to the PSA’s comprehensive proposals.

In the meeting the PSA tabled our response to the Department for Correctional Services shift proposal. The PSA advised that the Department’s proposal was unacceptable because it contained insufficient detail and apparent reductions in entitlements. The PSA indicated it would consider any genuine detailed proposals.

The PSA’s membership engagement is continuing with the PSA holding worksite meetings about our enterprise agreement proposals. Contact your Worksite Representative or PSA EB Ambassador for information about membership meetings at your worksite.

The PSA is determined to pursue an enterprise agreement that is unambiguous in its interpretation, with terms that are clear, equitable, fair, consistent and enforceable.

The full PSA Draft Salaried Enterprise Agreement is available here.

For more information on the enterprise bargaining process please contact your local PSA EB Ambassador or email