PSA EBA Members Rally

30 November 2017

Congratulations and thank you to members far and wide who rallied yesterday at Parliament House, Port Lincoln, Port Augusta and Ceduna. Despite the extreme heat, turnouts were strong at all locations.

PSA members have consistently made very clear - you need a fair enterprise agreement
which protects your conditions in an uncertain future, provides you with job security, and
has a fair pay increase.

In August this year, more than 90% of PSA members told us you would vote ‘NO’ to a substandard agreement, and a significant majority of members said they would take action in the workplace to
demonstrate support for a fair and equitable agreement.

PSA members have been very patient all year, standing steadfast in the face of a government which was initially reluctant to deal with our PSA EB proposals.

Members’ demonstrated willingness to take industrial action over the last couple of months
definitely had the result of driving the government into more focussed negotiations.

Most of our proposals have now been resolved through these more intense negotiations.

The last issue which remains with the government is to close the deal on the wage outcome.

We are at the stage where we have done all the work – we just need the government to commit to an fair pay increase.

Members are seeking a fair, reasonable and responsible pay increase. An increase which respects our members’ dignity and values our contribution to our community. An increase which the PSA, with our members, will continue to pursue.

Once again, congratulations to all who participated yesterday. The PSA will update members as negotiations progress.