PSA EB Ambassadors

24 January 2017

2017 will be an exciting year with the negotiations of your next Enterprise Agreement. This is your chance to have a real say about your wages and conditions. So far members have told us that a wage rise of 1.5% would be unfair given that a number of other public sector work groups have received higher than this in the same bargaining cycle.

To ensure fair pay rise and to address the conditions that members have said they would like to see improved, we need your involvement.

There will be many opportunities to get involved in the EA campaign over the next few months. PSA EB Ambassadors will largely be driving this involvement locally – if you don't have a PSA EB Ambassador in your workplace and would like to register to be one you can do so here.

PSA EB Ambassadors will be a conduit ensuring all members' voices are heard through the bargaining process. Ambassadors are provided PSA support from our Union Office. This includes training and information sessions.

The next round of PSA EB Ambassador sessions will be happening in mid February. If you have not registered as a PSA EB Ambassador register now ( to ensure you get all the details.